We offer a wide variety of classroom environments, guaranteeing your child the education, engagement, safety, and personal attention they need and deserve.

Explore our curriculum plans, progress assessment techniques, teacher to child ratio numbers, and more for each of our child care levels here:

Additionally, we offer transport to and from the following schools in and around Scranton:

Neil Armstrong Elementary School
1500 N. Lincoln Ave.,
Scranton, PA 18508
George Bancroft Elementary School
1002 Albright Ave.,
Scranton, PA 18508

Isaac Trip Elementary School
1000 N. Everett Ave.,
Scranton, PA 18504
Charles Sumner Elementary School
372 N. Sumner Ave.,
Scranton, PA 18504
Francis Willard Elementary School
1100 Eynon St.,
Scranton, PA 18504